Submitting a Program for Playback on Other Channels

There are two steps to share a program with other CACTUS members:

Post info about the program on the CACTUS site:

  1. Log in to this site using your CACTUS login and password (if you haven't already).
  2. Either: Click "Create Content" on the Navigation bar to the left and click "Program Exchange" or use this link: Program Exchange.
  3. Fill in the program information fields (name, description, and so on). Select "MPEG-2" as the format. Select the province or territory where the program was made and make sure your description tells others why it might be relevant to their viewers. Copy your description so that you won't have to retype it in step 10 below.
  4. Click Submit. You will now see your program listed on the "Program Sharing" page.

Upload your program to the Telvue Media Exchange web site:

  1. Go to Telvue Media Exchange.
  2. Fill in your information to request a login.
  3. Telvue will send you back a login, with directions how to upload your program.
  4. Send CACTUS an e-mail and we will advertise that your show is available to member channels.