Make a One-Time Donation to CACTUS

To make a one-time donation to CACTUS, you can either:

1) Write a cheque to the Canadian Association of Community Television Users and Stations and send it to:

177 Route Principale Est
La Pêche
J0X 2W0


2) Send an e-mail transfer to CACTUS at cathy at timescape dot com


3) Click the button below to pay through Paypal, where you will be able to enter whatever amount you wish as a donation.

You do not have to become a Paypal member to use this option. Your information will not be retained by Paypal, and there is no surcharge.

Note that CACTUS does not yet (and may never) have tax-emempt charitable status, so we cannot issue you with a tax receipt for your donation.

Thanks for your support! Check back to our web site from time to time if you want to keep up with our progress.