Organizational Non-Voting Membership

Organizational non-voting memberships are intended for partner organizations or other groups like CACTUS that endorse media diversity, freedom of expression on all media, and Canadian content, but which are not directly engaged in the production of community TV.

Organizational non-voting members will receive our e-mail updates, newsletters, and be able to participate in discussion fora on our web site. Non-voting organizational members will not have a vote at the Annual General Meeting on issues concerning CACTUS nor to elect board members, but they may attend.

This level of membership costs $30 for one year.

We want to keep the cost low to encourage as much input into and awareness about the work of CACTUS as possible.

As we are engaged in a fund-raising campaign to enable our national co-ordinator to keep working, we do however encourage members to donate more than the minimal cost of membership if you are able.

If your organization would like to become a non-voting member or if you want to renew your membership click here:

Become an Organizational Non-Voting Member