Individual Voting Member

Individual voting members receive our press releases, newsletters, and participate in discussion fora on our web site, including posting their own stories or topics for discussion. Voting members can also vote at the Annual General Meeting on issues concerning CACTUS and to elect board members for the new year.

Voting individual members can also post videos for sharing with other members (for example, for playback by our licencing-holder members in other parts of the country).

Voting members should either be currently involved directly in community-access production, or have been directly involved in the past, committed to follow the day-to-day evolution of the sector, and able to give informed input at the AGM. Requests for voting memberships will be reviewed by the board. If we don't recognize your name or e-mail address, we'll contact you for more information.

This level of membership costs $20 for one year.

We want to keep the cost low to encourage as much input into and awareness about the work of CACTUS as possible.

As we are engaged in a fund-raising campaign to enable our national co-ordinator to keep working, we do however encourage members to donate more than the minimal cost of membership if you are able.

If you would like to become an individual voting member or renew your membership, click here:

Become an individual voting member